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Montana Judges
Is Judge Richard Cebull Montana's top misogynist - or does perhaps someone else qualify?

Consider Sacramento Judge Lawrence Brown, and Kevin McCormick, who decided to keep a juvenile rape victim in jail, although the DA had DNA from the attacker.  Or on the east coast, consider the nurse rape victim fired from her job, while her attacker Brian Petit received a four month jail sentence.  After first slashing her tires.

But, we digress. 

Consider the type of women these men recruit to make them look better?

Such as attorney Tammi Fisher, who wrote an Opinion piece concerning Judge Cebull, and the "content of his character." 

Any other nominees will be considered, however, their actions must be documented.

It's a daunting task...overcoming Judge Cebull's ongoing penchant for sticking his foot-in-his-mouth; but we will keep an open mind for others who might qualify.

Perhaps someone on Judge Cebull's email list.

Again, documentation is required.