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Montana Judges
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In what passes for news in Montana -

Breaking:    12/03/15 - Where bubble-headed TV reporter blondes at KBZK like Judy Slate prove zero ethics related to journalism, are practiced in media.

Still, the question must be asked, given Slate's dating Gallatin County Sheriff Brian Gootkin, and Slate "covers" him - (both definitions) does Gootkin share her lack-of-ethics, values?  Is this why they "complete" each other?   Also, not to let any other (cough cough) "news" organization off the hook, why no reporting on Zero ethics in what purports to be the news industry? 

Slate's and KBZK ethics breach would be hilarious, were it not so frightening.  Hat Tip:  Jim Romenesko.

Moving along -

11/09/15 -  Emails of disgraced, former Judge Richard Cebull, (who quickly retired) are still in demand.  Two journalists filed suit to read them.

04/24/15:  In a move that rightly subjected attorney members to deserved national ridicule, The Yellowstone Bar Association decided to go all-in on misogyny and "honor" Todd Baugh with a lifetime achievement award.  It's true.  Apparently ole Todd has spent his entire life as a misogynistic, rapist-friendly judge; only revealing so towards the end of his career when he told a teen-age rape victim she was partly responsible for the adult raping her and sentencing her rapists to 30 days in jail.  The young crime victim committed suicide. 

However, and in spite of the world-wide condemnation, the "We don't care" Yellowstone Bar Association apparently said,

"We don't care, let's give our old pal Todd a real fine send-off!"  Yee ha!

Who decided to do this?  We're not sure.  However, below names are current judges, and elected, tone-deaf members of the Yellowstone Bar Association, who apparently, support misogyny.

Hon. Gregory R. Todd  Favors judges who are rapist friendly.

Hon. Russell Fagg - (Fagg authored a Special OPINION column regarding Baugh as "a wonderful person" but not one kind word for the young girl who committed suicide?  (And yes, this does make our skin crawl.  Thanks for asking.)   No kind words for teenage rape victims?

President, Jessica Fehr
Roberta Anner-Hughes
Dennis Paxinos
L. Randall Bishop
Mary Dyre
Donald L. Harris
Clara Roberts

(Baugh's racist leanings are another story.) 

Court to consider whether to release racist emails from now retired judge, Todd Baugh.

Meanwhile, the idea of all control over women remains high on the list of things to do, in Montana, for everything.   Including HB 365, for banning yoga pants and other "provocative clothing."  (It was later, tabled.)

However, Montana still acts to protects male legislators who attack their wives and daughters. Local papers would not release complaint against Jason Priest, the now former legislator who attacked his wife and child.

All of which explains why, in part, Judge Todd Baugh felt so comfortable in expressing his true bias, often.

Formal complaint issued against Judge Todd Baugh.

We thought it would never happen.  Particularly after the 9th Circuit gave Cebull a pass.  But the question has to be asked, how is it Montana media wasn't onto this guy and other judges like him for decades?  How can media continue to not report rampant misogyny when just the merest glance at TMZ reveals a woman reporting rape, immediately receives death threats? 

How is it judicial investigators found Judge Richard Cebull sent hundreds of emails that were racist and denigrating towards women (50% of the population) and "disdain for blacks, Indians, Hispanics, women, certain religious faiths, liberal political leaders, and some emails contained inappropriate jokes about sexual orientation" - but media hadn't a clue?  Ever.

The subject matter of the emails also included matters before Judge Cebull's court.

However, the judicial investigators found (Surprise) and media dutifully accepted that Cebull was an honest jurist, blah blah.    Including after the panel took pains to hide their findings.  The 9th Circuit order was a joke.  Only Judge Theodore McKee, scores a win.  The chief judge of the 3rd U.S. Circuit, filed a petition with the national Judicial Conference's Committee on Judicial Conduct and Disability, asking the committee to review the council's work and publish the original March 15 order.

Meanwhile the 9th Circuit did a double-back flip to excuse their ruling.  The judge resigned, etc.  But hey, we're dealing with a body of people seriously interested in protecting their own.  So, Cebull skated.  So we get it for the courts.  But a full on media miss?  Come on.

Good luck women, Hispanics, Indians, and gays and liberals.   Live in Montana at one's own risk.  Oh and hey.  If things are this bad in federal court, lets say we, as we can't expect media to darken the doors of family court when they're too concentrated on missing the obvious in Federal Court.

  Rapist friendly Judge G. Todd Baugh


The Bozo hurting Billings - speakings again. Judge Todd Baugh simply can't shut up. 

09-07-13:  Update

Montana's highest court gives rapist a pass.  Yes folks.  This is what your voting record, gets you.  An asleep at the wheel, prosecutor and a judge who determines a child is "older than her chronological age."  Backed by the Montana Supreme Court.  Which, it turns out, kinda mirrors the Supreme Court of Iowa when it comes to fairness to women in any court.  Bottom line:  living in Montana is life-threatening for women.

09-04-13:  Update
Lost in the now, three-ring circus cover your backside, featuring DA Scott Twito, Ray Souza, and Judge  Baugh, is a key element.  That being the DA first set this nightmare in motion by not trusting a jury.  As soon as the victim died, DA Twito's office did not show much energy in pursuing "justice."  They were content to offer much much less.  This is a real shame.

Today in court, Souza argued Judge Baugh's sentence was illegal.  Judge Baugh, on his own motion, set another hearing.  The pity is, this is Montana's tax dollars at work.

A refund might be in order.

09-03-13:  Between DA Scott Twito and the apologizing, "but I really didn't mean it" Judge Baugh, who began issuing self-serving, and frankly, bizarre statements, the latest is:

New sentencing hearing set for Friday.  DA Twito finds it impossible to keep both his story, and legal reasoning, straight.  But the bottom line is:  New hearing set for Friday.  Whew.  WP has an article, too.  Click here.

09-03-13:  When the outrage is misplaced.  Somewhat.  Judge G. Tood Baugh remains the ugly symbol of a misogynist culture.  That only one judge - and a retired one at that, is speaking out, is disgrace to what the robes are meant to represent.  Particularly since the only judge unafraid, is retired, female judge, Dorothy McCarter.  Montana's judicial commission?  Silent.

Welcome to Montana.  Where men are men, and farm animals are are nervous.

08-29-13:  While the rapist friendly judge, G. Todd Baugh remains absolutely tone-deaf in the case of  Stacey Rambold. (Judge Baugh belatedly apologized for blaming the now dead fourteen year old, who committed suicide,) 

Our question is:  Will the District Attorney Scott Twito, and Rod Souza, upon further reflection, appeal their own agreement in the case of rapist, and the judge's sentence, given that rapist Rambold violated the initial terms?

Our call to the DA's office on this has not yet been returned.  We invite the family of the crime victim, Auliea Hanlon to comment.  Should they wish to do so, we will make a special page for their remarks.

In other news, (click the links) District Attorneys nation wide are known for not protecting children.  The reality is Schools have been protecting the criminals, for years.  Click here for cases, nationally.

Montana history is not easy for women

Just call it "Misogyny Montana"  Judge Richard Cebull aka:  Judge "Go Light" sentences William Nelson Thurlow a former probation officer to a mere four years for sexual assault.

Former Judge Steve Kambich 
pleads guilty to accepting bribes.  Could have received 10 years.  Sentenced to five years probation by good old boy judge, Dana Christensen who said, "I do not believe justice will be served by putting you in prison, and I'm not going to do so," Christensen said - and his attorney would like I that reduced.

Meet Montana's top misogynist - Federal Judge Richard Cebull.

Breaking:  9-04-13

Although the results of the investigation of the now retired Judge Richard Cebull, were supposed to become public, delay.  Until further "review."  This is the AOC (Administration of the Courts) protective cover for Judge Cebull.  The smart money is on additional examples of misogyny and racism were unearthed.

Not that the reporting has been stellar.  Weeks after Judge Richard Cebull's attack on women, reorters still couldn't get it right.  Judge Cebull attacked a white woman.

Yet Time Magazine's Adam Cohen, who teaches at Yale, attorneys such as writer, columnist Michael Smerconish, along with the usual collection of reporters continue missing the point.  Cebull's email was first, misogynistic.  Yet Cohen, Smerconish and Billings Gazette reporter Clair Johnson, along with a host of others continue ignoring reality.  Reporters ignoring reality is spooky.  Attorney-reporters ignoring reality, has, well, more than a whiff of Cebullish to their reporting. 

In the Department of "Better late than Never" the Not So Great Falls Tribune finally identified Cebull's attack as misogynistic and racist, with misogyny getting top billing.
Whoo hoo!  Small victories!  Newer news, such as Congress not doing much of anything, and other doings will be posted on that Page for the 9th Circuit, which has it's own issues with women.

Returning to Montana's misogyny judge for life, the full email including the "Forward" is reported to have been sent by Cebull's brother.  (Nice family values taught there.)  The question is, where else does it track back to, who originated it, who are Cebull's misogynistic, racist buddies, and why is the press suddenly mute in this regard?

In the Department of:  Here's a clue

Women are fed up with America's misogynistic culture.  From police departments, to  misogynistic treatment in law school, as noted in Lorraine Dusky's "Still Unequal - the shameful truth about women and justice in America." 

Women are fed up with Rush Limbaugh types on the bench, and a Congress that allows it.  Calls have been made both to Michigan's John Conyers as well as Steve Cohen

However, in keeping with Congress's 8% approval rating, there has been no response.

The above prompted the beginning of as described below in an historical look back.                            

"An Open letter to a federal judge and dedicated misogynist, Richard Cebull.

Dear Judge Cebull,

My name is 
Bonnie Russell and I'm writing to let you know in spite of your quick double back flip, you are one lucky cowboy.

How lucky for you that reporters only completely missed the main point of your email.

Oh sure, reporters jumped all over the obvious fact of your to-the-bone, racism.  But really Judge Cebull, how lucky for you that to a one, reporters missed and continue to miss, the main point.

(Although how they could given the Subject line was:  "A MOM's MEMORY" remains a mystery.  But miss it they did).  

However the reality is your email was first misogynistic, and secondly, racist.  But thank God for sloppy reporting and clueless attorneys, eh?

If it would please the court, the Ninth Circuit - I would remind them and you our president's single mother stressed education to her child. If I could pry your mind open just a tad for a little education Judge Cebull:  please know when our president was merely a sleepy little boy, his mother pulled him from his nice warm bed very early in the morning to go over lessons. 

That's a hint Judge Cebull, that our President's single mother didn't spend much time partying.  

[Sidebar:  Contrary to most reporting, this is not a Republican or Democrat issue.  A lot of people firmly believe both Presidents Bush were appalled by your behavior.  Again:  It's a misogyny issue.  But apparently typically, editors at The not so Great Falls Tribune assigned male reporter John Adams, (ironically President John Adams adored his wife), to cover the issue on March 4th, 2012.
Adams failed.  Miserably.  Misreporting the problem not as misogyny, Adams downgraded misogyny to a mere "vulgar email" in paragraph Four.  Adams' puff piece puffed on for 20 plus more paragraphs largely in support of you. 


As if attorneys who appear before you wouldn't use an opportunity to curry favor.]

What seems clear Judge Cebull, is the reason you prefaced the forward of your misogynist joke with a personal note was because you fancy yourself witty.  To wit:

"Normally I don't send or forward a lot of these, [I would like you to define "a lot"] but even by my standards, it was a bit touching. I want all of my friends to feel [I guess that's why you sent it to your personal email as well as your Bubba buddies.  Easier to forward to your misogynistic, racist friends]
what I felt when I read this. Hope it touches your heart like it did mine."

Did you ever consider the children of our President, Judge Cebull?  No, of course not.

I bet you are used to attorneys who appear before you laughing at your jokes.  Perhaps this is why you fancy yourself witty.  Recently a friend of mine died from breast cancer.  Do you have jokes for that Judge Cebull?  Misogynists are known to be big on breast jokes, and that's no bull Judge Cebull.

Later on you were quoted saying, "It was not intended by me in any way to become public."

The appropriate response being, "Duh."  Not the brightest bulb, are you?  But then, that was clearly evident.

More worrisome is your statement displayed your mental acumen - such as it is.  Not witty.  Not smart.  Not good for the public.  

You followed your earlier comments with, "I apologize to anybody who is offended by it,"....yikes.  Or better still, stop!

Do you seriously believe Judge Cebull, given your particularly virulent brand of hate contained the line, "Don't even go there Barack" -  do you seriously believe Judge Cebull, that you are without a clue as to the identity of any specific person who would be offended?  

Really?  Not smart.  But very scary for both attorneys and litigants in your court.
Returning to your position, judge for life...(again - how scary that must be for women who have the terrific bad luck to practice or appear before you in any way)....but on the upside Judge Cebull, am thinking you could finally make yourself useful.  In fact you, Judge Cebull, could be our perfect leader for change in a job made to order for you.  

Allow me to direct your attention to our Pledge of Allegiance.

Specifically, the "...and liberty and justice for all" part. 

Judge Cebull you are the perfect person to lead the way to jettisoning our Pledge (a great pledge, although not much of Goal); beginning with the State of Montana.   

(Frankly, since women still are not getting equal pay for equal work it's time our so-called Pledge goes.  Better to simply drop our national hypocrisy, admit our leaders treat women as disposable property, check the murder rate, and just be done with it.)   

Please know Judge Cebull, our President has disappointed me also.  All our Presidents have at one time or another.  But I am sure our enemies, including our misogynistic third-world enemies, were delighted to learn you share their kind of hatred.  You and other misogynistic, racist judges, including those who are undoubtedly on your personal email list, must feel like a brother to them. 

Please know Judge Cebull, you have performed a valuable service for enemies of America. 

That you performed this valuable service for enemies of America while at work, entrenched in your position as a federal judge, well Judge Cebull.  That was just icing on the cake.  I see enemies of America dashing out to fill out Visa applications. You've made them want to come to America where they can freely exercise their hatred, while being paid by, (irony alert!) American tax dollars. 

The joy that must inspire Judge Cebull.  America has you to thank. 

I do wonder though, (somewhat nervously.)  I wonder exactly how many will run for office. 

Permit me Judge Cebull, one last suggestion.

You owe not just our President, but the entire Obama family a written apology.  It should be heart-felt Judge Cebull, but hey.

I'm a realist.

Which is exactly why I didn't bother with suggesting you apologize to all women.

Update for the public:  Judge Cebull has sort of apologized for being racist.  As he refuses to address misogyny, Judge Cebull's apology remains spectacularly insufficient."