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Cebull apology.  (Not emailed!)

In his by now expected tone-deaf manner, Judge Richard Cebull formally apologized to President Obama. 

Judge Cebull did not formally apologize to Mrs. Obama, or the girls.

Cebull's apology is here.

We note is was belated, written on March 1, 2012.

We note Judge Cebull claims not to honestly know what else he can do. (Bet he cheats at cards too.)

Seriously.   The man claims he hasn't a clue what else he can do.  Apparently the thought of  resigning hasn't hasn't entered Cebull's mind.

Please remember Judge Cebull's first off-the-cuff, don't-really-mean it, bs apology included the line:

"I apologize to anybody who is offended by it,"....
Yep.  Man without a clue... nor in search of one.

Returning to Judge Cebull's position, judge for life...(again, how scary is that for women before him or impacted by his decisions, never mind anyone of color) am sure Judge Cebull is not expecting a Congressional hearing on the matter. 

Cebull's likely safe in that regard as Congress collectively commits malpractice in the area of judicial accountabiliy...excluding Judge Sam Kent, likely due to the recent demonstration of misogynistic members of Congress.   

But still, a judge who comes off like Rush Limbaugh should resign.

However since misogynists are also minus honor, the chances of that happening are about as likely as someone ordering a mental evaluation for Rush Limbaugh. 

Another lucky day for enemies of America.  So returning to the main topic, as well as the ugly side of America, Judge Cebull is our perfect leader for change. 

Judge Cebull should lead the way to end our Pledge of Allegiance.

Specifically, the "...and liberty and justice for all" part.  After all, Judge Cebull is the poster boy for hating half the population. 

Which makes Judge Cebull the perfect leader to jettison our Pledge (a great pledge - but with Judge Cebull around, what are the chances of that happening?
So the hope is Judge Cebull finally gets honest and ends the Pledged he's trampled on.  Beginning with the State of Montana.